Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long do your dogs live?
A. On average our dogs live to be 12+ years. Our oldest dog here lived to be 14 years 4 months. These are good long   years, our dogs are usually healthy to the end. We have had pups that have left here live to be 15 yrs!
Q. Where are your dogs kept?
A. All our dogs eat and sleep in the house. We have a large fenced yard and some smaller fenced areas. We do not have kennels or housing that allow our dogs to be kept outside 24/7. We have no concrete runs or outdoor shelters of any kind. Our dogs do not stay outside during bad weather (hot/cold or wet) or when we are not home.
Q. How long have you been breeding and how many litters do you have a year?
A. We have been breeding German Shepherds for over 25 years now (since our first litter in 1996). We usually have 2 to 3 litters a year. We have had years where we had no litters or just one.
Q. Can I contact your vet?
A. Yes, I have had the same vet since I started breeding. Dr. June has seen every single pup ever born here. Peterborough Vet Clinic 603 924 9615
Q. Where are your pups born/kept?
A. Puppies are born right in my bedroom where they and their mother can be checked on 24/7. They usually remain there until 4 weeks of age (for large litters) then mother and pups are moved to our puppy room. The  puppy room allows them to have a large area for them to run and play when they can't go outside. Small litters go from the bedroom to the kitchen. We also use large wire puppy play pens (not crates) to keep pups contained at night or when we can't watch them. 
Q. What is the process of picking my puppy?
A. At this time we have an ongoing list. People on the list get first option to place a deposit. People are placed on the list in order of the date they contacted me. Once we are finished with the list any available pups are then listed on the website.     Most pups are all spoken for shortly after birth.
Q. Do I get to name my own puppy?
A. "Pet" pups are always named by their new owner's. Pups that are sold for show or breeding must carry          "Black Paws" at the beginning of your AKC chosen name.
Q. How big will my pup get?
A. This will depend on how big the parents/grandparents, etc. got. Most of our dogs are within the standard for German Shepherd dogs. Occasionally we will have pups that will be above the standard in height and/or weight. Pups expected weights are usually posted in the litter description. 
Q. How much will my pup shed?
A. Standard coat dogs will drop hair all the the time, how much can depend on the weather, time of year, or even stress. Long coat dogs shed too and most will need to be brushed out every couple weeks or so, usually when they are blowing their coats.
Q. Why is this puppy the last pup to go? Is there something wrong with this pup?
A. There always has to a be a "last" pup and no nothing is wrong with the "last" pups. Sometimes buyers back out at the last minute, we may be thinking of keeping the pup for ourselves or we may have has an extra large litter.  If there was something wrong with any pup it would be posted with it's info.
Q. Will my puppy be micro-chipped?
A. No, we do not micro-chip our pups. That is something you can do when your dog is fixed if you desire.
Q. My pup's ears were up when I brought him home and now one (or both) is down. Does this mean his ears will not stand up?
A. No, we breed for strong ears and you should not have any issues. Expect ears to stand all the time by 4 months.  Different pups have different growth rates and pups ears will go up and down. Please don't hesitate to call with any concerns about your pups ears.
Q. When should I take my pup to the vet?
A. Whenever we get a new pup we take it to our vet as soon as we can, sometimes right after we pick it up. I always post or let you know the date of pick up so make your vet appointment as close to that time/day as possible.  Make sure to bring a stool sample when you go. Be aware you are required by my contract to take your pup to your vet with in 72 hrs. Please make your vet appointment accordingly.
Q. Why does my pup have worms/parasites at my vet appointment when he had a "clean" fecal at your vet's?
A. We make every effort to keep worms/parasites under control while your pup is here. We usually bring a stool sample to our vet at least once or twice before he/she is 8 weeks old. Because of incubation periods, worms/parasites might not show up at our vet appointment but show up days later when you take your pup to your vet. Remember worms/parasites are always in the environment that's why regular stool checks and regular wormings are important.
Q. Does my puppy come with AKC papers even though he will be just a "pet"?
A. Yes all our pups are sold with AKC papers, whether you send them in or not is up to you. "Pet" pups are sold with "limited" AKC registration, meaning you can't breed or show them. You can however do all other AKC events other than showing. Dogs bought with "full" AKC registration are able to be shown and bred.
Getting AKC papers is an easy 1 page application and a small fee, anyone who tells you otherwise has other reasons for not giving you the AKC papers on your pup.
Q. Can my puppy be shipped?
A. Sorry, no, we don't ship our puppies.
Q. When should my pup start going to puppy classes?
A. We advise people to wait until after the pup receives his/her 2nd set of shots. Pups are not fully immunized until they have all 3 sets of shots. After the 2nd shot he/she will have some anti-bodies to protect him/her. This does not mean that your pup can't catch anything if exposed. No vaccine is 100% effective. Your job is to try and keep you pup from being exposed.
Q. Why do you give rebates when most other breeders do not?
A. We give rebates so we can (hopefully) keep track of the health, temperament, and abilities of our pups.
Q, When should I spay/neuter my pup?
A. We recommend that you wait until your pup is 18-24 months. Numerous studies indicate that early spay/neuter can have long term negative effects. Please google "early spay/neuter" and get as much info as you can before you spay/neuter your pup.
Q. You must make a ton of money off your dogs, easy money isn't it?
A. No we don't make a ton of money off our dogs and any money we do get is not easy. I breed because I love these dogs and I love puppies. We do not live off our dogs. My husband has a full time job that allows me to continue doing what I love. As to the "easy money", we work hard taking care of our dogs. They are well loved, well fed, healthy, kept clean and see our vet regularly.
Q. I'm thinking of getting into breeding dogs, what would you advise?
A. Toughen your heart. Be ready for heartbreak. Are prepared to lose the female you have loved, to watch or have pups die and there is nothing you can do?
Have a lot of money you don't need for anything else? Just raising a pup costs money, emergency c-sections, medications, vet visits, etc. all costs money.
Be prepared to deal with people, if you are not a people person then don't breed dogs. We are in contact with most of the people that we have placed pups with. Good times and bad times.
Not to mention are you prepared to take back or help place every single pup you
cause to be born?
Q. What do you do with your dogs when you retire them from breeding?
A. Most of our girls stay with us once they are done having puppies. We have placed girls that were young when they had to be spayed and a couple of our studs were placed as well. We decide what is in the best interest for each and every dog here when retirement comes. Remember these dogs live as loved family members, so they are not just money makers we are done with.