"Roxie" is a beautiful red sable from very old lines, East and West. She is very East type with the blocky head and body. She has a wonderful temperament and a very sweet expression. Roxie is somewhat laid back but she can move it when she wants to. Roxx is very friendly and loves everyone.
All these pics in the snow taken March 1, 2010.
Her father Canto is a rock solid oversized black/red male with a head so large and square, all I can compare it to is a cement block! Her mom Anna is a good sized sable female with excellent structure and movement. Not only was I able to meet both of Roxx's parents Canto and Anna, I also met Anna's parents, Boris and Brundi. Both were very nice dogs with good drives and friendly temperaments.
These 2 pics below taken when she was 2 yrs old.
Picture below taken Sept. 2007 at 6 months old
Picture below taken June 2007, at 3 mon. old.
Roxx and Zaretta having a play time