* Taya, A Dance In The Moonlight *
AKC Silver Sable German Shepherd Dog
These two pics ABOVE taken Dec 2012. Taya is my girl and she knows it!
Taya is a gorgeous Silver Sable German Shepherd. Taya has excellent pitch black pigment; lips, nose, eye rims and every single toe nail. She has a happy expression and big, dark eyes.
Taya has an amazing temperament. She is super friendly and happy, good with everyone and everything. But at home when the situation calls for it she will bark aggressively to alert me.

Taya's favorite thing to do is go to Petsmart. She would love to stay there all day long meeting all the people and other dogs. She is excellent even with the small dogs and children.
Taya is very smart and completely obedience trained.

She is such a good natured girl, in all these pictures I just posed her myself and told her to "stay" while I took the photo.
Taya weighs 70lbs.
Updated pic of Taya to the left 6 weeks pregnant with her 2012 litter about to go tracking. Tracking is among her favorite activities. Although normally Taya doesn't find training fun, she gets so excited she can hardly sit still when she knows she is going to track. She has a great nose and is trained to find a person or article (glove, clothing, etc). I have amazed family and friends with her abilities.
Below some pics of Taya growing up
8 1/2 months
Picture at left at 8 1/2 months
Picture below at 7 months
7 months
15 wks
Taya at 15wks.
Taya at 11 1/2wks Taya at 8 weeks.
11 1/2wks
8 wks
Below is a picture of Taya's mom Rosey, with Taya and littermates.
Taya is the pup snuggled in her arm (far right).
Taya's Mom and Litter