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Hi, everyone. Welcome to What's New.
We are celebrating 25 years of Black Paws Farm!! We have met some of the best, amazing people in the past 25 years and we are looking forward to meeting many more!
Hopefully we can help you find your next family member, if not here then with some other great breeders we work with. Looking to fall/winter litter with Mundin at von Zeeland. Mundin is a Viktor daughter and a Riddick grand daughter!
Winter is the latest Von Zeeland pup added to our pack, Winter is an all black female from Bear and Rain. Rain is the daughter of our Riddick out of Magic (Von Zeeland)
We will once again be updating our list after the new year
Be aware that the list is not for just a certain litter, it is for all pups, sex/color/coat type. Right now the list is long and adding someone today will see a year wait (right now Nov 2021) especially for black pups (the wait could be longer). We add people by the first date they contacted us.
  Please see the
puppies page for upcoming litters and how the list works. Please call or message me (Laurie) for info on any litters. Ours or an outside litter. Because of this we will only contact you IF we think we have a pup for you.
Check out our
FAQs, lots of questions can be answered and if anyone has more questions
feel free to call.
WE ARE ON FACEBOOK! Black Paws Farm Click here for our page.
We are doing a new fun thing on the Facebook page, making an album for owners and their dogs. Everyone can send pics of their Black Paws dogs and themselves (or your kids if you like) and I am including them in the album. Please include names including your dog's parents names, and the date of the pic. Not looking for puppy pics but dogs a year (or about a year) old and older. PLEASE NOTE:We are no longer able to post new pics to our website without losing most of our pages that we already have. All new pics will be on the Facebook page or I can email them to you, just ask! Like us on Facebook to get to see new pics and connect with others that have pups from us.
There are more pics of our past pups. (Click here to see our "Big Pups" page.) Anyone who wants to share any special news or pictures of their Black Paws dog should go ahead and post to our Facebook page. This page updated Nov 4, 2021.
Photos below are a few years old. Newer pics are on the Facebook page.
GUNNER from Riddick and Ziva, long coat black/tan. his owner wanted to know when he would make it to the website soooo here he is. Gorgeous boy, we almost kept him for ourselves.
LUCY from Bear (owned by Von Zeeland) and Ziva. Black/tan
Please visit our
"Big Pups" pages to see more of our pups grown and hear from their owners.
STELLA from Antonio and Zaretta. Black/tan/silver
GIBBS from Antonio and Zaretta. Black/silver
HUGO, silver sable with a black muzzle (very rare). From Chiron and Wicca, same litter as Koda.
KODA, sable from Chiron (owned by Red Feathers) and Wicca, just after he left here and now
MERLIN, black/silver from Chiron and Wicca.
Same litter as Koda and Hugo.
BULGER from Antonio and Zaretta
SUNNY, liver sable male from Chiron and Wicca. Our total surprise puppy!
LAIKA from Antonio and Aaliyah, litter sister to our ZIVA.
FRITZY from Tyr and Lexx, Solid black female.
Her owner writes "First photo is of beautiful Fritzy at 5.5 years old and absolutely the most perfect dog I've ever had". Fritzy also lives with T'Kya's brother Magnus.
MAYA from Antonio and Zaretta
DAVIO, from Antonio and Zaretta, his owner writes "It's hard to believe my beautiful boy Davio turned 3 yesterday on Jan 19th. He is doing great and everywhere we go people will stop and tell me how stunning he is and ask to take pictures of him. It amazes me how many are in awe of his unique coloring and the way his silver coat glistens. My trainer always tells me he's handsome and he knows it, and last spring he won the "Hunk of Burning Love" award at the training awards dinner. He has Zaretta's long legs and is over 29 inches tall and now weighs a very lean 100-105 lbs. Davio is super smart and quick to learn. Loves his family and is super affectionate with us but, like Antonio he's extremely guarded with strangers that come near his people or home. His unique color almost wolf looking and yellowish brown eyes are very intimidating. An awesome family companion dog. I just love him so much."
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