Brackendels Chestnut Aspen, sable
Snowclouds Red Barron, blk/red
Heidi von Elkanah, blk/tan (German, DDR line)
Blizzards Long Knight, white
Snowclouds Cheif Blue Mist, blue/tan
Snowclouds Foxi Lady, sable
Megan's Shadow von Snowcloud, white
Magic Valley's Footloose
white longcoat
Chey Bo Deen, white
Jacob's Snow Blizzard, white
Snowcloud's Princess Max Ann, white
Robin's Von Angel, white
Horizon's Mystical Warrior, white
Josh's Angel Lady, white
Snowcloud's Miss Kati, white
General Phoenix Pearson, white
Sampson Snowcloud Hudspeath, white
Antonio, solid white
Nova von Snowcloud Pearson
Groom Snowcloud Addison, white,
OFA Good
Augie Brusier Thomas, white
Arial Snowcloud Hudspeath, white
Abigail Bell Thomas, white
Olivier's Addison Lady, white
Brutis Star, white
Smokey Bear of Woodbridge, white
Smith of Wood bridgeFarms, white
Sage Whitebear Addison, white
Rex Alot Ceasear, white
Shawdow Dance of Woodbridge, white
Torrey Trouble, white
Wicca's father's lines are a mix of mostly American lines with some East German (DDR) in the back.
His Snowcloud lines are known for their size and numerous titles for obedience.

Wicca's mother's lines below are a mix of titled West and American. Titled dogs are in red.
Show titles are in front of the names and working titles are after the names. 
V Eddy vom Vorderen Schalk SchH3 DPO
G Fanto vom Koksbuckel SchH3
Mara vom Haus Florian SchH3
Olly vom Koksbuckel SchH3 (a) German, sable
SG Xando von Karthago SchH3 FH
Irma vom Kosakenwald SchH1
Dasche vom Kosakenwald SchH1
Blk Paws Tyr vom Koksbuckel
Warro vom Buttenrauber SchH3
SG Chaos vom Leyenbroukerhoff SchH3
Loni von der Muhlengriecht SchH1 IPO1
Ynka vom Emsbogen BH (a) German, sable
G Boomer vom Emsbogen SchH3 FH
Gamba vom Emsbogen SchH1
G Gibsy vom Sennetal SchH3 IPI FH
Black Paws Desire Imari-Rayne
blk/tan bi-color
Baron Von Schafer III
Baron Von Leap
Tessa Von Berg II
Kendall's Theodore Moore, blk/tan
Cody's Favorite Gentle Ben
Ben's Favorite Gypsy Jo
Brenda's Black Josie
Kendall's Von Dawnski, blk/silver
Thunder Brac VY Toby
Kendall's Lucky Gem Lucus
Lone Wolf Kelli
Spauldings Friendly Ghost, white
Miss Ashley's Moxie
Kendalls Arkana Von Bertrand
Gretchen Von Bertrand
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