Deposit Receipt for a "Pet" puppy

Name: ___________________________________________________________________.

Date:  __________________________ a
NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $300.00 is being sent for:

[ ] A male AKC German Shepherd puppy, color/markings/coat type _________________________________

[ ] A female AKC German Shepherd puppy, color/markings/coat type  ________________________________

[ ] An AKC German Shepherd puppy, sex/color/markings/coat type to be decided at time of pick.
If there are no pups born that meet your requested type, deposit will be refunded.

Price for pups: Males-$1500 Females-$1300
[ ] Check here for repeat buyer

Total price for pup ________________
Pup is being sold with AKC limited/pet registration.(must be spayed/neutered with in 18 months of age). We can discuss a non-neuter agreement for males only. 

Pups will be offered for deposit in order of your first contact date with me (for your requested type pup).
Picks should be completed around 6 weeks of age. Picks not done by 7 weeks of age, will move to the next deposit holder.
**Seller reserves the right to refuse to sell to any buyer/deposit holder at any time for any reason. Deposit will then be refunded.

Please note the following payment terms to pick up your pup
Money orders, cashier checks or personal checks will only be accepted as final payment 2 weeks in advance of puppy leave date. Pups would be allowed to leave once the money order/check has cleared my bank. Cash is the ONLY way the puppy will leave the same day he/she is paid for. Pups must be paid for and claimed between 8 and 9 weeks old. Any buyer requesting a later pick up date (and we agree on a date) will incur a $5.00 a day boarding fee until their puppy is picked up.

Seller must agree to any other payment/pick up terms in writing-- Deposits will be forfeited on any puppies still here at 9 weeks of age (with out prior understanding) or if the above payment conditions are not met.
Buyer back out
for any reason, will result in deposit being forfeited.
Buyer agrees to ALL the above conditions by their signature below:

BUYER Signature: ___________________________________________Date:______________________

Seller acknowledges and accepts deposit by their signature below:

SELLER Signature: __________________________________________Date:_______________________

REMEMBER! To print name and all contact info below: