Below left is Loki, blk/red male from Tyr and Lexx. He joins Kali, (below right) a black/red female from Titus and Lexx . Their owner writes "Loki is doing great... Loki has what we think are fantastic markings. He is alot more of a mischief maker then Kali so he lives up to his name." "Kali looks more like Lexx. She is more Titus in her body but Lexx in her coloring except less black. She has high ball drive and is the boss of our other dogs. To see a 100 pound dog being walked by a 85 pound dog makes me laugh, yet she is gentle enough to play with our cat Winston."
Left is Gage, black/silver/tan from Kyzer and Aaliyah. His owner's write "He is doing Fantastic! We take him with us everywhere. He goes to the kids soccer games and tournaments. Stangers come up to tell us how beautiful and well behaved he is. He loves the car now. People who see us together just smile and wave at him. He really draws alot of attention. Thanks for such a great dog! (11/08)
Below is Abby from Vokar and T'Kya. Her owner writes "Laurie, we can't thank you enough for such a wonderful, sweet, intelligent, gentle addition to our family. She is strong, smart as a whip, and is very gentle with our two active children. She loves to give kisses and play ball." (2/10)
Below is Loki, a sable female from Magus and Roxx.
Below are 2 pictures of Piper a blk/tan female from Magus and Zaretta. Her owner writes "Piper received her Canine Good Citzen back in Sept of 2009. The judge was shocked at her age because of how well she performed. She is strong willed but takes well to training and went to advanced training before she was a year old. She has been great with the grandchildern who range is age from 1 year to 10 years. Her prey/play drive is very high and squirrels live in terror if they dare enter her yard/woods. (2/10)
Right is Molly from Magus and Zaretta. Her owner writes "I wanted to share some pictures of our "Molly". We are totally in love with this little lady... She is so well behaved and no matter where we go we get complements about her. It is unbieveable that she will be a year old in a couple of weeks." (12/09)
Left is Ava, a sable female from Magus and Roxx. Her owner writes " Thought we would share the latest news on our Ava-- she is doing great! She absolutely loves the snow as you can tell from the pictures. At just 50 pounds at 6 months she has a great disposition and is a playful and fun loving girl. Thanks again for our great pup." (1/10)