Gunnar, from Magus and Roxx. His owner's write "We just wanted to let you know how well Gunnar is doing. He is gentle as a pup and very laid back as you said he would be. We have puppy hour in the am and evening so he tears thru the house just being a wild boy. He has sit and come down and working on off and stay.He is all house broken and barks when he wants to go out. He had a wellness check-up with my vet David Alstrom in Meredith (he does not give compliments easily) and he said you the breeder has produced a very sound puppy, took very good care of them and I picked a beauty.
Thanks you so much for Gunnar and for being such a wonderful breeder."
Lexxie black female from Tyr and Lexx, below "serious" and right "her smile". Her owner writes "Some recent pictures of Lexxie, I picked her up in Oct., just a little joy. 10 months, 65 lbs." (6/09)
In the picture below is Sheba (top, from T'Kya and Magus) and Phoebe (bottom, from T'Kya and Titus). 
Just hanging out. (6/09)
Sarge, above, a sable male from Tyr and T'Kya. His owner writes "Sarge is wonderful- not only does he walk without a leash, he never leaves our yard or sides. On afternoons when I ship the kids outdoors, he is right there without hesitation and plays with and supervises them. I never worry about them in the yard as he is a great protector and friend to them
I can't tell you how much this dog has won me over. I am so pleased with our Sarge and just wanted to send you an update with a few pictures. Thank you for my wonderful boy....our wonderful boy. As he is lying at my feet now, he makes me smile every day." (6/09)
Maggie, sable longcoat female from Magus and T'Kya. (10/09)
Maggie again, (5/10)
Maggie's owner's write " We get more compliments from other pet people about her looks and demeanor... at how well behaved and the willingness to learn. All in all she has exceded our expectations and continues to surprise us with her antics." Newest pic of Maggie, left. 6/11
Goofy shot of Maggie this past Christmas (12/10)
Here is Magnus, 6 1/2 yrs
litter brother to our T'Kya