Here is Titus II from Titus and T'Kya. His owner writes " He now weighs 90lbs. He is such a great dog. I can't tell you what a great dog he is. His personality and his laid back approach to things is great. Although he is not lazy especially when it comes to strange noises or objects around the property, he definitely lets you know when something is different, which is great."
Titus II lives in California.
Below is Captain, a solid black male  from Titus and Kendra. Captain's owner writes " Just wanted to send U a couple of photos of the "Captain". He's 6 months old and just shy of 70lbs. Smart as a whip...Let's me know when he wants a treat. He has been housetrained since the 1st week I picked him up (one accident that week). He goes every where w/me.. quite the character. U definitely have a handle on what U are breeding. Thanks" UPDATE, this new picture is Captain at 9 months, 80 pounds.
This is Dakota, sable female from Titus and T'Kya
Dakota's owner writes  "Well she is doing wonderful! We named her Dakota and she is our baby. She is almost 75 pounds. We absolutely love her, and she is the smartest, most affectionate dog I have ever owned."
Pictured below is Lady Farina from Tyr and Lexx. Her owner writes "Lady has turned out to be a beautiful shepherd. She is an extremely smart dog!! I remember reading from your web-site that Lexx was the fastest dog there, I have to say Lady takes after her mom."
Rugar from TUVOK and SESKA, His owner writes "He now weighs 96 pounds and is doing good. Still the same story everywhere we go, EVERYONE thinks Ruger is GREAT!! ANYONE can walk up to him ANYTIME and pet him. He loves everyone and most other dogs that he meets. My vet thinks he's one of the nicest shepherds she's met. Nice temperament and a beautiful coat. We always get compliments on him.
Lila from Antonio and Zaretta Lila is litter sister to Cacious below. 8/11
Maya (on the left, blk/tan from Magus and Zaretta) and Cacious (on the right from Antonio and Zaretta). These two met up by accident at the same doggy day care. 7/11
Maddie from Antonio and Taya 9/11