RICO is the father of all our Poshie-Possie puppies. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Rico is a white and sable purebred Pomeranian. He is a little guy at just under 9lbs. He absolutely adores people and especially kids. He has perfect pom structure, coat, and personality! He is not yappy or barky. He has the most beautiful smile and is just a happy boy. Even though he has a huge beautiful coat, it is suprisingly low maintenence. Rico loves to play outside but is equally happy in your lap,
which he fits perfectly!
VANESSA is our mini Aussie, great little girl at just 16 lbs. She is a tri color with classic Aussie split face. Wonderfully sweet and loving she is adorable with her antics. Nicknamed Vanessa Sideways because she is so happy to greet you she moves sideways while wagging her whole hind end. Perfect Aussie personality, agile and quick but a excellent house dog.

She is a blue merle AKC Shetland Sheepdog. Nikki stands 14" and 17lbs. Nikki is a sweet girl who likes to play "catch-me" LOL. It is all in fun, though, as she always comes when called. She loves playing with Rico and her 1/2 sister Kaylee. We got Kaylee and Nikki from the same breeder in South Dakota. We are very happy with our new addition, she brings lots of laughs and fun to our little pack, she is very agile to and she is often up on our outdoor tables just to get a better view. However, she doesn't do this in the house and has never tried to escape from the yard! We have had great Poshie pups with her and Rico(10-14lbs), as he throws some very small puppies.
"Kaylee", an AKC registered Black Tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog (sheltie). She is a house dog (never kenneled) and sleeps on the bed. Kaylee weighs 20lbs, and is 13 1/2" tall. She comes from small parents and throws small puppies. She has a nice soft, silky coat that never mats, and is very sweet. Calm, not barky or hyper, but is ready to play when you are. Very smart too, she knows tons of commands and picks up new ones quickly. Kaylee is now retired.
Kaylee in March of 2011
Kaylee in March of 2011
The two pictures above were taken in March of 2011. The two pictures below were taken in May of 2010.
Kaylee, Black Tri Color Shetland Sheepdog
Kaylee, AKC black tri color Sheltie
Houdini was the father of my 2010 litter. We do not own him.
He is no longer used in our breeding program.
Below: Here is the dad, "Houdini", an ACA registered Pomeranian. He has very nice colors: blue, lots of white, and tan markings (tri colored). He weighs 10lbs (and is about 12" tall) with a big thick coat (at the time of the pics he had been clipped in a Lion Cut, his fur was not all grown back). Super friendly and happy little guy! And he is not yappy or barky!
Perfect pom looks!
Below: dad from the top, here you can see his markings. Lots of white! Houdini does not live here but we are happy to be having puppies from him.
These pictures were taken inside and as a result are a little dark; they do not show off his color very well.
Houdini, Blue Tri Parti Pomeranian
Houdini, Blue Tri Color (Parti) Pom
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