see info about my list below
Outside litter at von Zeeland this fall
***Bear will be bred to Rain for an all black litter ***
**More info once there is a due date. This is an outside litter with Annabella.**

*** and ***
Please note, anyone added to the list at this time is looking at a year wait..
New litters will be in the spring
I will be updating the list after the new year

Recently I have received deposits in the mail. I am sorry but we do not take deposits until we are sure we have a pup for you. PLEASE check with me before sending me any money/deposits
Our pups priced: All colors/coats Males-$1500 Females-$1250.
~~Pics of any new pups will be available on Facebook once the litter is spoken for.~~Please take a few minutes to read over our pages before calling or messaging, thank you~~
this page updated Sept 16, 2020

CLICK HERE to see what comes with your new pup! Click Here for our FAQs page
.. Click Here for deposit info
*** *** ***
Be aware the list is not just for a certain litter, it is for all pups, sex/color/coat type. We add people by the first date they contact us and that is the order we contact people for any available pups. I am still getting 5+ inquires a day and the list is long at this time. I update the list 2 to 3 times a year.
I am a SMALL breeder. I do not have pups available 24/7. We have to wait for a female to be ready to breed, once bred it is 9 weeks until the pups are born, then it is 8 weeks until they are ready to leave. So even if I told you I had a breeding today it is 4 months before those pups would be ready to go. I will sometimes list OTHER breeders litters and give info to people on the list about those litters.
Athena and Arrakis, Kaliyah and Arrakis, Dani and Viktor, Ever and Oz

These are just possible litters. Not all of these litters will be Black Paws litters, though my males will be the fathers.
More info once we have due dates
Broad range of colors in these litters
So hopefully between all of us having these litters we will get pups to the many of the people waiting on our list.
***PLEASE NOTE: If you want to get on a list for upcoming pups (any color/coat type) call or message me. I know some people have been upset because there ends up with not many pups available. People on the list get first option to place deposits.
Deposit info
CLICK HERE for more info :.....Click Here for guarantees/rebates
** Call or email for more info. Check out our dogs on "Our Dogs" page to see our parent dogs
Info/pics of some dogs are not on the website due to Yahoo changing their page builder. I can email pics as well. All breeding dogs here have albums on the Facebook page

Please note: We are still having difficulty in posting pictures to the website.
**You have to go to the Facebook page "Black Paws Farm" to see new pics or we can email them to you. **
CALL Laurie @ 603 588 4046 or email  blackpawsgermanshepherds@yahoo.com
See videos of some our past puppies! CLICK HERE
~~All Black Paws pups are vet checked and guaranteed in writing for 2 1/2 years~~
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FOR MORE UP TO DATE PHOTOS AND COMMENTS see our Facebook page "Black Paws Farm". Lots of new and past puppy owners have posted pics and comments. When you visit the Facebook page, click on POSTS and then VISITOR POSTS to see and hear from owners and their dogs. For a look back at our past, check out our BIG PUPS PAGES you will find over 15 pages of pictures of our pups grown and comments from their owners going back to our first litter in 1996.
~~All puppies look cute but the proof of beauty, health and temperament is the great dog.~~
Please take a few minutes to see what YOUR new pup may look like.

Thanks to everyone for the updates and photos
Deposit amount is $250.00
All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Unless other terms are discussed all pups are sold
AKC Limited Registration with spay/neuter agreement.
Repeat buyers will receive a $100.00 discount
~Located in Antrim, New Hampshire WE DO NOT SHIP~
Please contact us if you are interested in Full Registration for breeding or show
Seller reserves the right to refuse to sell to any buyer/deposit holder
at any time before puppies leave.
Please see our
FAQ's page for answers to the most "asked questions"and info.
CLICK HERE to check out our "What's New" page, more info is posted on what is happening with upcoming pups, new additions, etc.
Please note we are now on Facebook and we hope to use Facebook as our
What's New page for updates, new photos and info. Plus it should be a good place for people to connect with others who have pups from us.
Please check out
Black Paws Farm on Facebook, be sure to like us to get updates, etc.
Please feel free to call/email with any questions or concerns before and after you buy a pup. We love each of our puppies and want the best for them and for you.
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