Takoda, from Tyr and Lexx. Here he is visting Santa. He is from their first litter. Picture taken Dec. 2004
Diezel is from Tuvok and Seska's first litter.
His owners write "He's such a big baby, it's hard to believe that he is almost 2 years old! But he's very mature for his age!! He's doing very well and gets more loveable every day! We can't imagine our lives without him." Received  Dec. 2003.
Misty from Tuvok and Seska's 2nd litter. Her owners write" She is wonderful. She is a quick learner and always wants to please. She never fails to surprise us with her intelligence." March 2005 
Hans, this guy got to be 125 pounds of love. His owner writes, "He's an awesome dog & has learned well...I was wondering if I could get another male from you" Hans is from Tuvok and Kaylar's 3rd litter.
Below are just a few of the comments we have received during the years we have been breeding. All letters are here for veiwing.
"Hi, Just wanted to send you a few photos of our pup. We named her Lucky and she is doing fine. Lucky is great with the kids and we love her." Lucky is from Tuvok and Seska
"Ruger is doing great and is very much loved. His coat looks great and is thick and plush. He is huge. Ruger loves kids. He practically lights up when he sees them. We were in the pet store yesterday and he was much more interested in saying hello to a small child than picking out a treat.  ...I'm sure his early exposure to your kids has vastly influenced his love and interest in them. He is very exuberant with every one but kids are definitely a favorite. Ruger is from Tuvok and Seska

"We just love our Puppy. She is doing fine. She was completely house trained in a couple days with no accidents since Tuesday. She loves to ride.She is really smart. She doesn't chew anything." Owner of Jasmine from Tuvok and Seska

"Laurie, this puppy is absolutely wonderful very very smart, lots of drive, crate trained in two nights. I can not say enough. ...she is GREAT an absolute joy...I spend a lot of time with her, everyone comments on her coloring and her manners. Thanks for everything." Owner of Lakota from Tuvok and Seska
Nikita from Tuvok and Seska's 1st litter.
"On July 8, 1996 we purchased a black German Shepherd from you. We named him Wolfe. He is now 90 pounds. He gets along great with my 2 cats and loves people.Just wanted to let you know what a great dog he is." his owner writes. Wolf is from Tuvok and Kaylar's first litter.
Samantha from Tuvok and Kaylar's 2nd litter. She was purchased by Wolfe's owner as a playmate for him. Their owner writes "Wolf and Samantha are both doing fine.You are more than welcome to use their pictures on your web site."
Jasmine from Tuvok and Seska's 1st litter. Her owners write "...Jasmine, she is one year today and she's a wonderful companion. We could not have gotten a better dog. Thanks"
Bosco, from Tuvok and Seska's 2nd litter
Right is Queen Isabella, from Tuvok and Seska's 3rd litter. Her owner writes "Here she is a five months old and a big 44.8 lbs. we are so happy to have Belle in our family. Belle is a GREAT puppy. She is sooooo awesome and very smart. Thanks again so much.
Schatz, from Tuvok and Kaylar's first litter. Her owner writes "Schatz is doing fine, she is growing up to look just like her dad. We couldn't be happier, she is a sweet as sugar and minds very well without having to raise your voice even. She was house broke by 9 weeks old and she actually only messed once since we've had her."
Lexi, from Tuvok and Seska's first litter. Lexi is doing fine and recently had a litter of 12 pups!
Amber's owner says " You couldn't find a sweeter girl." Now retired from breeding and living in Maine. Amber is from Tuvok and Kaylar's 3rd litter. She is also the mother of our T'Kya.