Davio from Antonio and Zaretta. 3 years old. His owner writes " He is doing great and everywhere we go people will stop and tell me how stunning he is and ask to take pictures of him. It amazes me how many are in awe of his unique coloring and the way his silver coat glistens. An awesome family-companion dog I just love him so much. (1/14)
This is Riker from Titus and Seska at 10 months old. This picture was titled "lapdog", with the caption "This picture is from yesterday (Sunday 8/22/04) of him and I doing what we do best". Thanks Lisa!
Here is some of what Riker's owners write "Just wanted to let you know Riker is doing well. He is a little bigger than Riggs 55-60 lbs but they look very similar.Riker has had a trainer come to the house to work on obedience she can't believe how smart he is and how fast he picks up commands. He knows sit, stay, down, wait, leave it, off. He really is a great dog,...He loves to get  a bath likes the water, doesn't bark at people which is good.He is very good with people even children he gets compliments everywhere we go his coat is beautiful. So glad he is part of our family."
Jack, at a year old, from Titus and Dawnski
Jack's owner writes in March 2005"Just wanted to let you see how well our puppy is turning out. Very smart little guy. We named him Jack and most time he is lucky if we don't add an ass on the end of his name as he does some crazy stuff. All in all a good puppy."  His owner writes again May 2005 "I had Jack at the vet for shots etc. last week and the vet said to tell you that you did a wonderful job breeding him. His temperament is the best and has turned out to be a great dog. Thanks again. "
Below is TIKA from Titus and Dawnski, her owner writes "Thought you would like to see what a beautiful girl Tika is. She is the sweetest most lovable girl. The kids love her and lay all over her. I can not have asked for a better girl. Even got in the hot tub one time. Follows me back and forth when I mow the lawn. Great girl for sure. Feel free to use the pictures on your site if you want and my comments.
I will definitely be back." 8/09Some people ask if our dogs can be good with cats, the picture is the proof. Tika also lives with a Chihuahua.
And he did come back, Here's Tika at 7 yrs old with their newest addition, Kaya from Antonio and Rayne. 7/11

Tucker's owner writes. "He is a wonderful pup. Quickly housebroken, very mellow and sweet temperament. He's very responsive and smart. Thanks so much for a wonderful dog." Tucker is from Titus and Seska
Rahja's owner writes:" Rahja is doing great!! And is a real pleasure to have! He is almost housetrained, minus a couple of accidents. I have to take the blame for them, not paying attention at those moments. He and Brady are inseperable! They are contantly playing. We start puppy kindergarden May 6. And he LOVES the beach!" Rahja is from Titus and Dawnski.
"An update on Jessie who is doing great. She weighs 38.5 lbs and is just a wonderful puppy. My daughter's puppy Abby is also doing great-they both have wonderful temperaments and are great with children. She is beautiful!!!!"  From Jessie's owner. Jessie is from Tyr and Dawnski.
Riggs (left) from Titus and Seska, hisowner's write "There are times when he looks like Titus and then turns around and looks like Seska. He is such a beautiful baby. He's a very smart dog. Learned the basic obedience with in the first 2 months that we had him. He's a very sweet dog He also just graduated puppy class and is starting doggy day care. Thank you for a wonderful dog."
Lucy from Bear and Ziva (2/14)
This is Schultz (5 yrs) from Titus and Kendra. (12/10)
Sassy from Antonio and Zaretta. (10/13)
Here is Sadie from Magus and Roxx (10/10)
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