This page is to help identify coat colors and patterns
Saddle type, black/silver
saddle type, black/red
saddle type, black/tan
bi-color, black/red
bi-color, black/tan
solid black, standard coat
solid black, long coat
solid white
wolf/grey sable, long coat
red sable, reverse mask
same silver sable pup, 1 1/2 years old
silver sable pup, 8 weeks
silver sable pup with black mask
same silver sable pup with black mask, 6 months
very dark sable, you can see the overlay good in this picture
Sables are a base color with an over lay of black, dark sables just have more over lay. A dog said to be a black sable will have such an overlay of black that you almost do not see the base color.
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