We think our dogs and pups are great and it's nice for others to say so. All puppies look cute, but the proof of  beauty, health and temperament is the great dog.
On these 15 pages you will see many of our pups grown. Some going back to our first litter in 1996! Thanks again to everyone sending in pictures and comments. When you visit please ask to see our testimonials, we have over 200 here to view.
updated March 2014
Apollo from Antonio and Taya. Beautiful silver sable (10/13)
Sky from Tyr and Lexx, her owner writes " She's a great dog. I've been taking her into the nursing home to see my mom, she does great gives every one kisses." (9/10)
Rugar from Tuvok and Seska. What can you say? GORGEOUS!! He came to visit (10/06) and we took this shot. What a great boy.
Sunny from Chiron and Wicca, yes he is a liver and yes his eyes are green. A total surprise when he was born, but what a gorgeous boy. (2/14)
Left is Tasha from Kyzer and Kendra, at about 6 months. Her owner's write "She is so much fun and so loveable! She still thinks she is a small dog so she still tries to be a lap dog but, it's okay, she is so loveable you can't help but let her be that way."
"I have never had so many people come up to me or my parents and comment on what a beautiful dog she is. She has had so many compliments on how beautiful she is, I think it has gone to her head." 11/06
This is Titus II, he is from Titus and T'Kya. His owners wanted a Titus look alike and it looks like they got him.6/12
On the right is Luther (6 mons) from Magus and Roxx and Lexie (2 yrs) from Kyzer and Aaliyah (12/10)
Right is Indy at 9 months from Titus and Lexx. Her owner writes"She's doing well, is very active and very loving. I've never had such a sweet German Shepherd. She's very attached to her family and quite smart." 12/06
Below is Luther again 11/11
Right is Audrey, from Magus and Zaretta. Her owner's write "We named her Audrey after Audrey Hepburn since she is gracful, intelligent and sweet. She's been an absolute love, very happy member of the family and a perfect puppy."  (9/10)
Left is Buddy from Kyzer and Kendra his owner writes"Buddy has all the great qualities you'd expect from a German Shepherd. Physically he looks good, his temperament is great, he is very alert, not a couch potato. He is very smart and has been easy to train. Buddy is playful and loveable. everywhere we go people are always commmenting on what a beautiful dog he is. We think he is perfect and wouldn't change a thing." 12/06