Below is Lily Marlene, from Magus and Zaretta. Her owner writes "We are delighted with the way Lily Marlene (orange) from the Jan. litter is turning out at 15 weeks. Very sweet, and 3rd week of obedience training going well. Quick, agreeable learner, social." (4/09)
Solid black female from Titus and Lexx, named Leyna. Her owner simply wrote
"The love of my life, Leyna" (12/08)
Sasha is from Tyr and Sierra. Her owner's write "She has a wonderful personality and has been volunteering with me at a local nursing home since she was 8 weeks old.
We thank you for our special girl." (1/09)
Kyzer from Magus and Roxx (1/10)
Maya is from Magus and Zarretta, her owner writes "She is doing great and loves everyone. She's got the best personality." (8/09)
Below is Wolfgang from Magus and Zaretta, same litter as Duke (left). He lives with Hans (13 years old from Tuvok and Kaylar) and Gunter (1 year old from Tyr and Lexx). All solid black males. 4/10
Left is Josey (Magus/Zaretta). Her owner's write" She is great! Josey is one of the smartest and fastest learning GS in the class. We are complimented by the trainer all the time. Basically our world revolves around her-she is wonderful and we love her sooo much. She is also magnificently beautiful" (6/10)
Below is Duke from Magus and Zaretta. (4/10) His owner writes 'He is a wonderful dog. We wanted to thank you for giving him such a nice start to his life. I know that the imprinting you did has helped him to be such a wonderful addition to our family.
Phoebe (Titus/T'Kya)
and Sheba (Magus/T'Kya), 6/10
Below Drake (Magus/Zaretta, 2nd litter), 6/10