Below is Gunter, from Tyr and Lexx, 90+ pounds at 1 year old.
Great temperament and looks. Great head!! His owner has had 3 of our dogs. (4/10)
Kakashi, white male from
Kyzer and Rayne. (5/09)
Jasmine, pictured at 7+ years old from Tuvok and Seska. Her owner writes "Jasmine on vacation in Florida last winter. She just loves her walks on the beach. She stays for 3 months and wishes she could stay longer, and so do her parents." (6/09).
Left is Raina from Magus and T'Kya at 1+ years. After Raina ate a squeaky toy at about 5 months she ended up with a blockage and several perforations.  As you can see she recovered fabulously and looks wonderful. Her owner's write " She is a treasure and a delight. She is smart and extremely loyal and protective of Dan and I. Wherever we go with her we get stopped and asked her breed and people remark how beautiful she is. He has made 3 or 4 trips to the beach and when she is there she draws a crowd. Tomorrow it will be a year since Raina came home with us and I cannot tell you how lucky we feel we are to have found such a terrific dog." (7/09)
Right is Raina again pictured spring 2010. Her owner writes "She is THE BEST dog, very smart and a really good girl. We all love her so much. Thank you so much for such a truly wonderful companion.
Fritzy a black female from Tyr and Lexx. Her owner writes "Our baby girl has graduated from Intermediate Obedience Class! She's very "academically inclined" and will be going on to Advanced Class soon. She's incredibly smart (not to mention ravishingly gorgeous) and its actually a bit of a waste that she's only going to be a pampered pet rather than doing a serious job to save the country!" (pic below 7/09)
Newest pic of Fritzy 5.5 years old (12/13)
pic of Fritzy, 7/11
From left to right is Magnus (litter brother to our T'Kya), Fritzy
(from Tyr and Lexx) and Treasure (their rescue sister) (11/10)